Roxanne Rizzo New York Story

Established in 2007, Roxanne Rizzo New York represents the New York state of mind. All products are named after the streets of New York from Madison to Broadway to Bleecker.

The flagship product of the company is none other than Roxanne Rizzo New York Bronze Glow. It was originally created specifically for TV and film. It is now used by multiple celebrities and top make up artists in the industry.

Everyone has their own style and we represent every human being who wants to express their individuality with no barriers. So we encourage you to grab your brushes and color your way through the city that never sleeps.

Here at Roxanne Rizzo New York, music and make up are a perfect combination. Our goal is to collide these worlds together with our slogan “ALL I WANT TO DO IS MAKEUP AND DANCE”.

"You can love what you do and still have fun"