Roxanne Rizzo New York Story

A Star is Born

New York City is synonymous for its nightlife, creativity, and its unique ability to create a home for people of all kinds. Roxanne Rizzo New York exudes the very idea of a New York state of mind in her beauty brand. With her debut makeup line she is splashing color all over New York City.

Since its foundation in 2007, Roxanne Rizzo New York has taken the makeup world by storm with its rich colors and diverse beauty and skincare products. They are designed to keep up with any party girl for a night out in the city. Like the artist herself, Roxanne Rizzo New York was also born in New York City. The products themselves are named after the coveted streets of New York from Madison to Broadway, and Bleecker.

The entire esthetic around Roxanne Rizzo New York is having fun. The makeup team is about expressing individualism with determination and sophistication - all while doing something they love. Work doesn't have to be something so serious. "You can love what you do and still have fun," says the artist when asked about her career. The creative talents here at Roxanne Rizzo put an innovative twist on a timeless look.

The birth of her sought-after Bronze Glow was the real breakout of Rizzo's cosmetics line. It was originally created specifically for TV and film shoots, making your skin look flawless with a glow. The product ended up skyrocketing to top selling magazine's lists of top bronzers/complexion correctors, and must haves. In the city that never sleeps, Bronze Glow is the quintessential product for any skin conscious person who wants to keep a flawless complexion all year round.

In 2014 Roxanne Rizzo New York made its debut at the International Makeup Artists Trade Show in New York. With a slogan that caught like fire, "all I want to do is makeup and dance," Rizzo's booth was music filled with shades of the rainbow speckled across the faces of her entire team.

This is only the beginning of what is to come from this beauty powerhouse, so grab your brushes and color your way through New York City with Roxanne Rizzo New York.

"You can love what you do and still have fun"