Bronzer, Bronze Glow
Bronze Glow self tanner mist is a blend of natural ingredients devised to create the richest looking tan without the sun. This tanning spray is easy to apply giving you a natural looking tan in less then 60 seconds that will gradually fade, much like a sun tan. Bronze Glow can also be used as a bronzer, concealer or instead of foundation makeup.

Some of the many benefits of Bronze Glow:

  • Tan spray provides an Instant Healthy Glow
  • Tanner lasts 3-5 days
  • Bronze Glow smells great and is simple to use
  • Compliments all complexions (perfect for all skin tones, all ages and all ethnicities, can be used as the perfect foundation makeup for African American women, cosmetics for women of color)
  • Camouflages fine lines, imperfections, veins & cellulite
  • Evens out skin tone without the need of foundation makeup (saving you time!)
  • Covers rosacea & melasma (pregnancy mask)
  • Best tanning spray for winter (when you most desire a warm glow or rich-looking tan)
  • Bronze Glow tan spray has a fresh, light scent
  • Tan spray doesn't turn orange, will turn your complexion to a bronze glow just like a best blush
  • Natural makeup, topical product, will not clog pores

celebrity makeup artist, Roxanne Rizzo, uses Bronze Glow on set to give actors that naturally tanned look.

Roxanne Rizzo's Bronze Glow contains DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a colorless chemical derived from glycerin that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a brown color. DHA is listed with the FDA and cannot be absorbed through the skin and has no known toxicity. The American Academy of Dermatology says that the most effective sunless tan sprays contain DHA. Since this ingredient interacts with dead skin cells to produce the brown color, as these skin cells shed so does the color. Instant self tanner, Bronze Glow, is created out of a blend of natural ingredients devised to create the richest looking tan in less then 60 seconds.