Best Concealer

A must have as a color corrector and best concealer! Loved by all, even those with already flawless skin…the possibilities are endless! Concealer palette consists of 3 corrector colors and 3 skin shades with mixing wells and mirror.
Concealer Palette
PEACH: This color cancels out any bluish purple that is commonly found under the eye. Can be used as a cream blush for cheeks or can be mixed with your favorite clear lip gloss. Perfect to conceal tattoos for special occasions!
YELLOW: This color cancels out any red blemishes such as; Acne, Rosacea, and broken capillaries.
Color Corrector
HIGHLIGHT-PRIMER: Is a perfect highlight especially for the brow bone to make the eye appear larger. A great color to blend with any shade for a lighter appearance. Can also be used as a perfect primer for the lip.

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SKIN TONE: After you are finished correcting, these three shades are your concealer colors to find your perfect shade mixed together or alone. As seasons change so does your complexion, this palette gives you the versatility all year round.