Eye Glow Compliments Any Eye Color!

Do not mistake Eye Glow for sparkles or shimmers, instead it simply adds a glow to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.


Eyeshadow colors can give your eyes a different look you love! Use Roxanne's eyeshadow colors to achieve a fresh and clean look or intensify the smokey look to your eyes.
Broad Street Eye Glow   BROAD STREET EYE GLOW
Champagne Colored Eyeshadow with Specs of Gold
Christopher Street Eye Glow   CHRISTOPHER STREET EYE GLOW
Pink Eyeshadow with a Hint of Silver
Chambers Street Eye Glow   CHAMBERS STREET EYE GLOW
Bronze Eyeshadow with a Hint of Gold
Canal Street Eye Glow   CANAL STREET EYE GLOW
Deep Brown Eyeshadow with a Subtle Hint of Gold