Bronze Glow, Best Tan Spray


Bronzer, Tanner
"I love Bronze Glow. It is the best tanning spray! The tanner goes on even every time and leaves my skin feeling soft.
I love how natural it looks and fades away so evenly, just like a real tan. I don't even have to apply concealer, bronzer foundation makeup.
I just spray and I am out the door in no time."

- Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Tanning Spray, Self Tanner
November 2008 - Robert Buckley, wears "Bronze Glow" self tanner for the cover of DNR magazine.

Rob is gorgeous living proof that Roxanne Rizzo's "Bronze Glow" self tanning spray isn't just for the ladies. Rob Buckley is just one of the many men that can't get enough of the Bronze Glow tanner. He first used the self tanner on the set of Lipstick Jungle where Roxanne Rizzo was one of the celebrity makeup artists and he's been hooked on this bronzer every since.

Men love the self tanner spray because they don't have to touch it, so there is no mess. It has a great clean smell and works on all skin types and complexions.
Bronze Tan, Best Tan Spray
Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Elle JP Names Concealer Palatte #1 Must Have Beauty Product

Roxanne Rizzo's Concealer Palette placed #1 in "The Top 10 Must Have Beauty Products" from around the world, in Japan's Elle Girl Magazine, December 2008 issue.
Tanning Spray, Bronzer
Roxanne Rizzo's Concealer Palette was #1!!!
Living in NYC, Roxanne Rizzo is a celebrity makeup artist for TV and movies. The cosmetics she developed in the United States are now available in Japan. Roxanne has created many "magical" products such as Bronze Glow tanning spray, Eye Glow eyeshadow, Wall Street translucent powder, and this best concealer natural foundation makeup that corrects skin blemishes in order to give women a flawless look.

As a professional artist, Roxanne understands how harsh makeup can be to the skin, especially to actors and models who wear makeup for long periods of time under heavy lights. Roxanne Rizzo created her mineral makeup line based on her experience as a professional makeup artist and is proud of her line also being great makeup for African American women.