Artist Spotlight

Roxanne Rizzo

Born and raised in New York, Roxanne never thought for a moment that being a makeup artist wasn't her calling. In her early beginnings she was a licensed esthetician, but after taking some special effects classes, and realizing it was something she not only loved, but was really good at, she began to pursue her dream. Starting out on films at NYU was Rizzo's gateway onto the path she's on now. While she's almost mastered the craft she is always taking seminars and learning something new.

With New York City as her muse there are no limits for Roxanne. She will take on any challenge she is given whether it's getting Lucy Liu ready for a show, making Academy Award winning, Marion Cotillard look frail and unattractive, or making a bride feel like a princess on her special day.

Roxanne has worked on successful films, runways, hit TV shows and print ads and has only shared her beauty secrets with the stars--until now.